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Solar Cell

Enhancing the efficiency

and lowering the cost of

PV solar cell production


Lumet is poised to disrupt
the PV solar industry



Lumet has developed a breakthrough metallization technology for enhancing the efficiency and lowering the cost of PV solar cell production.


Highest Efficiency

By employing ultra-fine fingers of controlled shape and high aspect ratio, Lumet not only reduces shading, but enhances light capture, significantly increasing cell efficiency.


Lowest Cost

By replacing screen printers, Lumet offers the industry's simplest and lowest cost (CAPEX and OPEX) metallization technology.


Low capital cost and low operating cost:

Simple metallization process

No screen printers, no dryers

Very small footprint, unattended operation

Low facilities infrastructure cost


High Performance

Highest speed:

Up to 10,000 cells/hour

Highest efficiency:

Ultra-fine fingers, high light capture

Lowest cost:

Reduced silver consumption

Fully automated operation:

Simple integration into existing lines


Lumet annual value contribution to solar market:  ~$7.5 Billion*

* In 2030 - based on projected annual production capacity of 1,400 GW (PV-Tech 2023 Manufacturing & Technology Report).

Lumet metallization technology for PV
solar cells - video

This video reveals the remarkable technology behind Lumet's record-setting high efficiency, low cost, and high speed metallization system.

It explains how Lumet is able to replace screen printers and dryers, eliminating pastes and waste, with a simple, compact, automated process, offering both the industry's lowest CAPEX and lowest OPEX.


Lumet metallization technology:

  • Highest efficiency

  • Lowest cost

  • Highest speed

What does this mean for PV solar market?

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